The Average Guinea Pigs Life Expectancy

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A guinea pig makes a fabulous pet for many reasons however one of the most imperative reasons is the flexibility to keep your pet outdoors or indoors. Many people are under a common misconception that guinea pigs are much too smelly to be kept indoors and this is just that; a misconception.

This will be touched upon more in depth later on however another great reason for these animals is that the life expectancy of a guinea pig is quite long and versatile. Lets take a closer look at the average guinea pigs life expectancy as well as other favorable traits about this marvelous creature.

Reviewing Life Expectancy

Most people when beginning to do research on a specific pet that they wish to acquire begin by asking how long it is expected to live and this is no different with the guinea pigs. In a typical situation, the guinea pigs life expectancy can be expected to last about five years although many cavies have been recorded to live up to as old as seven!

The age of four for a guinea pig is also considered to be quite old and it isn’t unheard of for a guinea pig to only live four years so the typical expectation you should have for your guinea pigs life expectancy is generally four to seven years old.

Sometimes this is a huge downfall with potential owners because they want the pet to live much longer than a mere four years. Inquiring about the guinea pigs life expectancy is sometimes the biggest downfall for the guinea pig getting a new home because some parents and individual owners feel the potential sadness of losing a pet.

This is terribly unfortunate because the guinea pig is an excellent pet that not only requires but also loves human interaction. They are very social creatures and have a very gentle disposition and typically will crave affection from the owner.

The last issue to address when speaking of the guinea pigs life expectancy is that despite the fact that it may be short, these creatures make wonderful pets due to the fact that they have a seriously low biting tendency which makes them a great and safe pet to have with children as well as the elderly.

Guinea pigs are very easy to feed daily and hold very low cost for food and supplies, which makes it a great pet also despite the low guinea pig life expectancy.

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