How Can I Make A Homemade Guinea Pig Cage?

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Question by Best Answer: How Can I Make A Homemade Guinea Pig Cage?
i need it to fit about 6 guinea pigs and really simple and cheap No C&C Cages i cant buy those.
i dont have money to buy a cage

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Answer by Blairessha
buy them

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5 Responses to “How Can I Make A Homemade Guinea Pig Cage?”

  1. Bobby Sacamano on

    Get one of those giant tupperware containers. Poke 2 or 3 small holes at the top for air. Violin! You got yourself a bonerfide pet cage that’s easy to wash, with or wirthout the pigs!

  2. Kelli on

    If you’re not gonna get a C&C cage for 6 guinea pigs (which would have to be at least a 2×8 or so) then don’t even bother getting guinea pigs. There’s no way you can make a healthy non C&C cage for 6 guinea pigs.

    You know, you MAKE C&C cages, not buy them. Go to for more info.

  3. Jack Guinea pig on

    right the ONLY WAY of housing six guinea pigs is to make a c&c cage i am sorry to break that to you. they are cheap and only cost a maximum of £/$ 60.00 all you need to do is:
    buy the cubes (the ones you use to make a cubing shelf) you wil need about a pack of 25
    make the requires you need this wil be probs 10×2/3 to House 6 of them.
    buy the chloroplast , this is relay cheap and can buy from any were i guess.
    fold the plast to the required shape and put in.
    please do not plan on buying 6 if your not going to love them by putting them in a small cage – how would you like it?
    i am not trying to be mean but it is neglect

  4. Psalm91 on

    The C&C type cages are not expensive to make. You could quite possibly get larger scraps of the sign boards from your local sign makers free or super cheap. Just let them know what you need it for. The shelving is not expensive either. We managed to make a pretty good sized one for less than $ 30. Use the C&C ideas to come up with your own plans.

    Anything will work though as long as you have good ventilation (no aquariums) and no wire bottoms and plenty of space for the piggies.

    Good Luck!

  5. TheGreenFox on

    Actually you don’t techinically have to buy a C&C cage inorder to have a large one for your guinea pigs. You can find grids and connectors at stores like Lowes or Home Depot for example. It is the same as having a C&C cage. The only thing you have to buy next is the flooring which can be found at the same stores. But you have to mold the sides so no poop or food will keep falling out of the bottom. It is simple to make it though.

    You can use garden fences, too, that are big enough and can make sure the guinea pigs cannot run out. You just need a bottom though.

    Blankets or fleece can work as a bottom if you want to wash them.

    Guinea pigs need huge cages and because you want to fit 6 guinea pigs in there, it will have to be even more huge. You can build a cage with wire mesh, but it is hard to make sure it is safe if you use nails and other harmful things.

    Your best bet, though, is to have a large room and have the grids and connectors. They are fair priced and easy to build. They are also the perfect cage for guinea pigs.

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