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If you are thinking of adding a pet to your household then why not consider a Cavy. These small animals can make wonderful pets. Here are the top five reasons why owning guinea pigs for pets is beneficial and in some cases surprising benefits.


These small pets do not require a large amount of space to be housed in.

The cage for a single guinea pig should be no less than 7.5 square feet. It isn’t allot of space to have the benefits of ownership. Check with your zoning that you are allowed to have pets, specifically guinea pigs Guinea pigs spend a good deal of their time in their own space and enjoy time out of the cage. When you let your guinea pig out of the cage to enjoy play time activities, this doesn’t have to be large amount of extra space.

Lower Cost Of Ownership

To own a guinea pig does not take a lot of expense. A guinea pig requires a suitable cage, some accessories, bedding and good quality food. The first thing you will need to purchase is the cage, or you can build a cubical cage that are cost effective and customizable for your pets needs. Next ongoing cost is nourishing food and bedding. Guinea pigs are small and don’t eat a lot but do require nutritious food. Cut bedding costs by buying in bulk. Provide your new guinea pigs with the proper care, to reduce your veterinarian bills. Compared a dog or cat which require regular shots and other things, their vet bills tend to be a lot lower.

Great Companions For Older Adults Living Alone

If the guinea pig is for an older adult that lives alone, they can make excellent companions. Guinea pigs are not just for children these days. They make wonderful pets for persons of any age, however, older adults find them very easy to care for and maintain, simply because they are small and inexpensive. If properly treated they will bond quite well with people. You might just be surprised at how such a small little animal could lift the spirits of an older adult.

Can Teach Children A sense Of Responsibility

Children the age of six or older is a good age to start to teach them a sense of responsibility such as caring for a guinea pig. The little pigs are very easy for them to manage and care for, with adult supervision. Guinea pigs are fairly quite and non aggressive pets.

Fun and amusing to watch at play

If you’ve never experienced the fun of watching and interacting with them during playtime then it would be hard to imagine how much fun it really is. Place some toys out onto the floor, in a contained area and sit back and watch them scurry around, play and do silly, funny little things.

If you take the time to enjoy and to interact with them, you will see their personalities blossom. Guinea pigs are each have their own unique personalities. You will find that they interact with you in several cute little ways.

If you’re considering getting a pet, then consider the cavy. They will provide you with hours of pleasure and you will find you can form a loving bond with your guinea pig pets.

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