Guinea Pig Cage Tours!

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Heres the cages as of right now, it will change a little when I get the new coroplast. please request some more videos! :) thanks for watching
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21 Responses to “Guinea Pig Cage Tours!”

  1. TheCavyHelp on

    I love there cages!
    There all just SO adorable! <3 Im going to steal them!!! ;D

  2. GuineaPigChannel123 on

    Hey! Great video!!!Were did you get the bed thats in the girls cage,and had the canopy-like thing over it???I really like it and im thinking about getting one…..

  3. ChannelGuineaPiggy on

    How do you make levels like yours… Please show me… Thanks!

  4. skinnypigs1 on

    I like the hay hammock!

  5. chinsNpigs on

    @AllstarPigs1 my camera doesnt have a pause button.

  6. chinsNpigs on

    @FurMonsters its really not :)

  7. chinsNpigs on

    @lucy1666 its okay.. but i have a feeling they arent going to be able to be paired up, ever :(

  8. chinsNpigs on

    @RoryReilly123 its really important to let your new baby chin learn to come to you don’t reach toward him/her at first. let them learn your not going to hurt them. im still doing this with jasmine. and dont make sudden or loud movements. when they come up to you don’t try and touch them

  9. RoryReilly123 on

    @chinsNpigs I’ve had my chinchilla two days and have started letting him out his cage he runs around and everything but if I go near him he runs away, I’ve had him for two days what was your experience with Jasmine/Rose thanks in advance

  10. lucy1666 on

    hows the chin bonding going btw
    mind took ages lol

  11. FurMonsters on

    Wouldn’t it be difficult to clean the boys cage ?

  12. AllstarPigs1 on

    What editor do you use? How to you edit it out when you go up to pause the camera?

  13. SuperHamsterLovers on

    I love their cages. x)

  14. chinsNpigs on

    @193BunnyHelper look at my channel description.

  15. 193BunnyHelper on

    what is your website called

  16. chinsNpigs on

    @SmallPetChannelz sure :)

  17. SmallPetChannelz on

    Can u do a video on what u feed your pigs

  18. betkid1 on


  19. hamsterhelpguide06 on

    annabeth id soo cute in that house :D

  20. ThePigBook on

    Yay, Molly and Latifah are on your wall! Haha :) I love the cages!

  21. schnuffelfan4ever on

    I LOVE the little duck in your water bottle I have the same thing:D

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