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I used (70 ) grids !! And still have left overs !!!

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17 Responses to “4 LEVEL C&C GUINEA PIG CAGE !!!! HUGE BIG BETTER !”

  1. xxbloodlustemoxx on

    @GinnePigPigs……u seem like u like building stuff….u should become an architect cuz u designed that all by yourself……lol awesome cage and i really wish i had a pet…i may get one soon though:)

  2. JakeBoer on


  3. GinnePigPigs on

    @JakeBoer Ya i plan on doing another video on just how i made it and this time i wont use my phone!

  4. JakeBoer on

    Could you reshoot your video. It looks like a really nice cage, but I can’t see all of the details that you used to create it.

  5. GinnePigPigs on

    @addjewelry Ya , srry about that i was useing my phone i didt know it was so blurry :/

  6. addjewelry on

    Your video gave me motion sickness.

  7. adamsalas2009 on

    Okk thank u verry muchh

  8. GinnePigPigs on

    @AllAnimalsHelper Thanks!! =) Well in the video and i beleave it is around the 7min is where i explain how to make one , its very easy when you know what your doing.

  9. GinnePigPigs on

    @pinkdevil97 Thanks!! =)

  10. GinnePigPigs on

    @Guinea4Pigs Thanks!! =)

  11. GinnePigPigs on

    @Piggiepigpigs Thanks!! =)

  12. GinnePigPigs on

    @adamsalas2009 If you are meaning the grids i got them from K-Mart . They came in a 6 cube set which means 30 grids i got 3 boxs! and one box only cost me $16-$18 Really cant remember the price but it was very cheep!!

  13. adamsalas2009 on

    Where do you get the black pieces from what store?

  14. Piggiepigpigs on

    Very cool indeed!!!

  15. Guinea4Pigs on

    woah! cool (:

  16. pinkdevil97 on

    coolies ;D

  17. AllAnimalsHelper on

    Wow! Thats big!:D Liked, x And where do you ge the ramp from? xx I’m looking for one. :S

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